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About Us

About MarieAustralia

MarieAustralia is a China based formal dresses supplier online. For girls who want to find formal dresses of exquisite styles and affordable price, MarieAustralia is your perfect choice. Inspired by latest fashion trends and popular formal dresses elements, MarieAustralia offers dresses for formal considering different kinds of girls’ tastes.

For bling bling figure girl, we provide formal gowns embellished with sequins, rhinestones or beads;
For vintage figure girl, we provide gowns with simple styles embellished with lace, embroidery, ruffles or slits;
For princess figure girl, we provide formal gowns in various bright colors of ball gown styles and a-line styles both in short and long;
For fresh figure girl, we provide sheath or column styles of chiffon or tencel fabric in light colours.

MarieAustralia aimed to help girls define “My Own Fashion” and find really perfect formal dresses in every details.

Our Advantage

1. Free Choice on Dress Colour

Maybe you are always in the situation that falling in love with one dress but can’t find a suitable color to match with. MarieAustralia is by your hand to help you to stay away from this big concern. We list color chart by fabric on each product page, if you can’t see your ideal color of the dress in the shown pictures, you can still choose it for a tailor-made order.

2. Free Choice on Dress Size

As in the same way dress color goes; we offer tailor-made dress size according to each girl’s burst size, waist size, hips size and dress length hollow to floor. If normal size 2 to 16W can not fit your body very well, this free choice on dress size would be another “concern saver”.

3. More Reasonable Price on Dress Cost

MarieAustralia purchase formal dresses from local factories in China and offers them only online. All the money saved from management and marketing are directly showed on price. In this way, we could offer every girl a competitive price and a reasonable price.

MarieAustralia will try our best to make you want to kiss your formal dress! Show Now!