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How to organize a school formal party?

In case you are organizing your school formal party you have every reason to be excited. Most of the students wait for this party throughout the year planning to purchase formal dresses online. School formal parties take a lot of time and effort. But if you form a core group and stay organized and follow some simple rules you will find the girls enjoying the party dressed up in formal dresses form The following tips will help you in organizing a school formal party.

1. Plan the event

The event should be planned well in advance. In absence of the idea what it is all about or what can go wrong, planning is a must for having a solid foundation to make necessary changes. It is better to hold the formal on Saturday evening and you should also decide who can join the event and also the appropriate season to hold the school formal party.

2. Set the goal

You must have clear idea about whether the formal is a fund raising event or for creating awareness or for entertainment and set the objectives accordingly.

3. Set the location & date

You should set the location and date of the event as early as possible. It is quite likely that your favored location may not be available on the specific date. It is; therefore, better to have alternate venues and dates in mind so that you can have it in your own way.

4. Fix a Budget

Fixing the budget is vital. You must chalk out the expenses in each front and if there are things that cannot be afforded, look for discounts and negotiate hard with the vendors.

5. Brainstorm for Ideas & Themes

As you take the charge, you will be showered with all sorts of ideas. You should be open to suggestions. You can also ask for help from the teachers or from the student committee and jot all ideas down. Later all of you must sit together and choose the best through discussions.

6. Identify the key players

Make a comprehensive list of the people you require for making sure that the event runs smoothly. This list should include everyone from the coordinator to the valet and assign specific responsibility against each function. You must also organize meetings for making last minutes amendments.

7. Select musicians

Good music can transform a school formal party to a memorable event. Depending on your budget you should opt for live bands because they are slight expensive. Having the student band performing is a good idea as this allows everyone to take part actively and save a lot of expenses.

8. Arrange Photographers

Only photographs can remind you of the golden school days in the later years and, therefore, you must arrange a photographer. It is better to inquire about the performance of the last formal photographer and select one who can deliver the things.

9. Decide Food & Beverages

You must decide if it would be a buffet or a seated dinner and the foods that will go well along with theme of the party. Your invitation card must have clear indications of what is going to be offered for avoiding hungry and angry guests.

10. Decorations

Decorations go a long way in creating the environment. Make floral arrangement depending upon your budget, location and the event theme. Candles can also make beautiful decorations.

11 Get the contracts signed

Contracts are very vital for school formal parties. Until, and unless everything is put into dotted lines you cannot be certain. So get the contracts signed as you complete negotiation and leave nothing to chances.

12. School formal dresses

School formal dresses can be really expensive and, as such, there should be enough flexibility of the students to get their formal dresses online form the array of online stores available on the web including

13. Party tickets

Never over price the school formal tickets. There should also be options for free entry by working for the event.

14. Send Invitations

You must create a guest list and send invitation well in advance for recording the RSVP information before the event. Should you feel necessary, dress code may also be included in the invitation.

15. Scale the event

You must review and evaluate the event in a post-event meeting for further improvement in thy next year.