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Skin Care Preps for School Formal Party

Most of the schools are now holding the formal earlier in the 12th year and the girls think of nothing except this big day and eagerly wait for it. Naturally they should be so! Their own committee controls the event! It is a memorable event of their school days held at a community reception center or ballroom. The multicourse dinner followed by dance to popular music; all these form a beautiful reverie for the rest of life. But there are many things to consider when getting for the school formal party. The makeup, hairs and skin have to be taken care of besides wearing a dress form the formal dresses online collection.

Getting the formal dress

Many girls start shopping of dress for the school formal party months ahead. In case you prefer to procure your dress from online shop it is safe to order those two months in advance. They usually take around a month for processing and delivery, ordering well in advance will let you have enough time if the dress requires further tuning. The girls can order following the standard sizes of their formal dresses online collection or can also get those customized.

Skin prep countdown

Getting excited doing the formal planning, the girls do everything like planning to shop formal dress from and getting matching accessories , but many of them forget to take care of their skin. But this is very vital as only with a clear and beautiful skin one can be cool, confident and composed on the big night. Here are some skin care tips that the girls should follow while counting down the school formal.

As you know that there will be school formal party in the final year of the school, it is better to plan your skin care well in advance so that you have a glowing skin by the time the big night starts knocking at the door.

1. Six months earlier

Remember the skin should be treated from inside out. So form some good habits, include more fruits and vegetables in your meal plan. You must also ensure intake of essential minerals and vitamins. Drink plenty of water; at least eight glasses a day for flushing out the toxic substances from your body. Further this prevents puffiness around the eyes and also clears off blemishes. Start doing some physical exercise to improve blood circulation that eventually rejuvenates the skin and also reduce caffeine intake for making positive impact on the skin condition and sound sleep.

2. Three months earlier

Now is the time for getting into some daily skin care routine. The girls must develop some skin cleansing routine using products that suit best their skin. Remember to cleanse and tone the skin twice, in the morning and in the night, for removal of excess oils. Scrubbing the dead skin once a week and using exfoliate 1 -2 times a week will make the complexion better. Better apply a lotion with SPF protection to the face, neck and the decolletage everyday for sun protection and must use creams in the evening for further rejuvenating the skin.

3. Two to three weeks earlier

If affordable do professional facials now or treat your face with peel and mask for removing blemishes and toning the skin. You should also have minimum eight hours sound sleep for improving the skin and preventing dark circles under the eyes.

4. One week earlier

Avoid carbonated and alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water and green tea. Never pop if there are pimples as this will make the skin further worse. You must now try to avoid applying makeup as most as you can so that the skin can breathe easily and try to stay calm and quiet without stress. This will decrease the level of hormones leading to less oil production and ultimately preventing acne and breakout.

5. On the preceding day

Get full body exfoliation for making the skin smooth and radiantly glowing. Take care of the soles and use rich body butter to keep the skin moistened and soft. Get a good sleep to be ready.

6. On the formal day

Treat if there is any pesky pimple with soft gel. If anyone pops apply alternative hot and cold compress. Now get dressed in one of the unique collection of formal dresses online collection from and make a gracious presence at the school formal!